Tips for installing tutors in your marijuana growing

Written by on 9 December, 2022

When you grow your own cannabis there are certain tools you can take into account to ensure that your flowers grow beautifully.

The tutors are precisely one of those instruments that will be very useful to you in your plantation, because they do not only serve to help your plants grow straight, but to avoid that the branches are bent or broken before the weight of the flowers. In addition, the tutors favor the increase of the production of buds.

Follow us and learn some tips to install tutors in your “Mary Jane” growing.

What should you take into account when installing tutors?

Although it seems complicated to carry out this technique is not so difficult, the ideal is to be careful throughout the process.

Select the right materials to avoid harming your girls. Also, make sure you use this method at the right time.

This technique is usually applied in the flowering stage; however, if the plant or the place deserves it, it can be placed from the vegetative stage.

To carry out the tutoring, it is necessary to get a support and a fastening system. For the support, you can use bamboo or plastic stakes.

To choose a support system, the most important to consider is that it should be a material that supports but does not hurt your plant, you can use a rope. To tutor the plants are also used Scrog mesh.

Choosing the right method for you will depend on the size of your growing and your needs. To do this, you will have to nail the tutor to the ground and it will have to be parallel to the stem.

The aim of vertical staking is to have the vine attached to the tutor at various points along the plant. The knot you make to join the plant to the tutor should not be too tight.


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