Tips for growing XXL cannabis plants

Written by on 4 December, 2022

If you have reviewed some websites or social networks about marijuana growing you have surely seen images of exaggerated size plants, which even look like a montage, but the truth is that you can indeed grow those green monsters.

You see, this is a form of growing where marijuana flowers grow almost without limitations, the best thing about this type of planting is that you will have your pots full of buds because the harvests obtained are huge.

Take a look at this post, we will tell you some tips to get those gigantic plants, known in the United States as marijuana trees.

Tips for growing XXL cannabis plants

1- Look for large containers

To grow your huge cannabis strains, it is essential to choose the right pot. To plant this type of flowers, a very important amount of substrate is usually used, therefore, it is recommended to choose a pot that has a capacity of at least 1000 liters.

As you know, the larger the container, the more space the roots of your Mary Jane will have to develop, and therefore the growth of your pot will be successful.

2- Use tutors in your growing

When planting this type of huge flowers it is uncommon that some of the strains end up breaking, for the reason it is essential that growers intervene. Therefore, using stakes is ideal to maintain the overall structure of this type of growing.

A very good option are the natural bamboo cane stakes, you can get them from 2 to 4 meters long, and they are flexible.

3- Place nets

There are growers who also use a net over the plants to maintain stability. Each month you can choose to place this net in your growing, ScrOG type, and thus accommodate the branches between the holes to secure the structure.

As your girls grow, the netting will stay inside them and prevent your giant plants from spreading out.


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