Tips for growing strong and healthy cannabis plants outdoors

Written by on 10 November, 2021

Growing marijuana outdoors is always a challenge for every cannabis grower, because in this type of growing, flowers are exposed to conditions that they cannot control, such as heavy rains or strong winds.

Well, despite the external factors that can affect Mary Jane’s plants, every cannabis grower can get great results outdoors if he takes certain precautions.

If you’re up for planting your own pot in your home garden, then stick with us, we’ll give you a few tips to help your girls grow strong and healthy.

Make sure your plants get enough sunlight

Lighting is a necessary factor for the development of marijuana plants. This element is essential for flowers to carry out photosynthesis, a process that helps strains grow, develop healthy roots, branches and leaves.

If your outdoor-grown girls get enough sunlight, they could reward you with fat buds and high yields.

Install tutors

One of the techniques most growers use to protect their cannabis is by tying their plants to tutors or stakes driven into the ground.

You see, tutors are ideal to prevent branches from bending or breaking under the weight of flowers, strong winds or frequent rains.

Prevents the appearance of pests

Outdoors your plants are more susceptible to pest attacks, and as a result can compromise the proper development of your flowers.

When you start your plantation, it is important to be alert. Neem oil can be your great ally in combating these intruders.

Final considerations

In addition to the tips, we have mentioned for your marijuana to grow without problems, you should also be aware of other equally important factors such as humidity, irrigation, temperature, etc.

When growing outdoors you have the advantage of choosing whether to plant your cannabis seeds in pots or directly in soil.

Regardless of where you decide to plant your pot, just make sure the substrate has good drainage and is rich in nutrients. Your Mary Jane will thank you!

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