Tips for growing sativas in indoors

Written by on 4 January, 2021

The varieties of cannabis sativa are quite attractive for many consumers and cannagrowers. Mainly their energetic effects and their great growth characterize these strains, precisely, by this last; in indoors it is a little complicated its growing.

In any case, if you do not have an ample ground outdoors to grow, and you only have to your disposition this type of varieties, do not worry, that here we will give you some advices so that you can grow your marijuana sativa in indoor.

1) Use small pots

If you want your Sativas to be smaller than they would be in an outdoor growing, it is advisable to use a small pot. The roots, having limited space for its development, will grow more slowly; on the contrary, if you use a big pot, your plant will grow quite a lot.

2) Grow in SCROG

Pruning, bending and guiding are the best way to grow sativas indoors. A technique that would be good for you in this case is the growing in SCROG, with it, you will limit the height of the plant and you will manage to promote the horizontal development, coming to cover big spaces of growing with few plants.

3) Look for hybrid varieties (predominantly sativa)

It is best to look for hybrid strains with sativa dominance. You will see, many strains of this type are able to give the best characteristics of a pure sativa, but at the same time, they present a lower growth and a higher speed of bloom (also with these strains you must take the necessary precautions to avoid that they grow too much).

Final considerations

There are growers who choose to subject sativas to a 12/12 photoperiod from the start so that the plant has less growth.

As we have told you before the sativas plants grow quite a lot, so try to control them with some pruning technique and of course, applying our advice, so that you can avoid that they touch or come too close to the lamps, or grow so much that they cause other inconveniences.

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