Tips for growing cannabis with low budget

Written by on 19 November, 2020

When you grow cannabis there are certain elements like the illumination, the fertilizers, the seeds, the ventilation, among others, that you must take into account to mount your plantation, all that represents a considerable investment with which not all the growers count, but you do not have to ruin yourself to initiate your own marijuana growing.

If you have a low budget or you would like to save a little money, follow some tips that we will present. Cannabis can be grown economically but efficiently.

1- Start your outdoor growing

If you have a lot of land or space in your garden, then starting your planting outdoors will be the best option to reduce costs, because some elements necessary for the growth of the plant, (such as light and wind) are provided by nature.

Therefore, by not having to buy lighting and ventilation systems, you will spend much less.

2- Choose quality and low cost seeds

When you go to buy your seeds, to start you can choose one that is cheaper or accessible for you, however you must ensure that these are of good quality.

We recommend that you look for your seeds with accredited and recognized breeders who can guarantee a reliable production.

Selecting auto-flowering genes could also be a great option to help you save money because their flowering does not depend on the hours of light they receive, and they flower much faster than photoperiodic strains.

3- Grow directly in the soil

Growing in the ground directly as well as allowing your flowers more space to develop will help you save money.

When growing in pots, plants usually need to be transplanted into larger pots, and although this is not such a high expense, if you want to grow on a large scale, it could represent a considerable cost. If you have good soil, this is a great way to spend less.


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