Tips for growing cannabis in cold or hot climates

Written by on 21 May, 2022

Growing cannabis is an activity that requires planning and dedication, but do not be afraid, is not so complicated. The ideal is that you inform yourself well before beginning with your plantation to avoid making mistakes.

One of the important aspects that you must consider at the time of growing your own cannabis is to know the characteristic climate of the zone where you will place your appreciated varieties, because there are varieties of cannabis that are more resistant than others to certain conditions.

If you live in a place with low or high temperatures, surely this can cause you some problems in your plantation of outside, but calm, here in this post we will give you some advices so that you learn to deal with those meteorological conditions.

Recommendations for growing marijuana in cold climates

If temperatures are low, your cannabis plants are at greater risk of mold or fungus. However, cold doesn’t have to be an obstacle for you to grow cannabis outdoors. Follow a few tips to do so:

1- Choose a suitable place for your growing

Try to choose a place where your plants can survive from any threat. Look for a space where they receive enough sunlight.

2- Grow auto-flowering cannabis

Finding a cannabis strain that suits your growing conditions is very important to ensure you get the results you’re looking for.

Generally, the marijuana strains recommended for cold climates are auto-flowering strains, as they are fast growing and hardy plants.

3- Use pots

If you are growing your cannabis outdoors, try not to do it directly on the ground, but in pots, this way you will be able to move them easily if you need to protect them from the winter or rain.

4- Check your plants

In cold and humid climates, your plants are more prone to fungus, as mentioned above. Therefore, it is ideal that you check your plants constantly to detect them in time and act quickly.

Recommendations for growing marijuana in hot climates

As well as in the cold seasons you must take care of your cannabis growing, in the hot seasons too, since this factor can cause stress to the plant and cause diverse damages that probably put your harvest at risk. Take note of some tips that we will give you below:

1- Give them shade

Protect your plants from the heat by offering them some shade at certain times of the day.

Some growers use a net or cloth to cover the plants, of course, if you decide to use this method you should not leave the plants completely in the dark, because remember that cannabis needs light for its optimal development.

2- Watering at the right time

Many growers water their plants when they have a free time, but ideally, in this type of climate the hours of watering should not coincide with the moments when the sun is most intense. You can choose to do it during the first hours of the morning or at dusk.

3- Use nutrients

In order to make plants withstand the heat more, a good dose of nutrients and specific supplements such as seaweed extracts, silicon or root development supplements are recommended.

4- Check your plants

It is important that you are aware of the changes that can occur in your plants, such as leaves curling or turning yellow, as these symptoms are signs that indicate that your plants are suffering from excessive heat.

Final considerations

Keep in mind that if the temperatures are too low your plants will have many difficulties to grow. Also, consider that if the chances of snowstorms, hail or frost are high, it may be better to wait to start with your planting.

In the hot months, the key to fighting heat in your marijuana plantation is to keep them hydrated by watering them as explained, however, remember not to over water.

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