Tips for growing cannabis in a shorter time

Written by on 30 January, 2022

It is likely that when you think about growing your marijuana flowers, you find it a bit tedious activity because of the time you have to wait for the harvest to be ready.

If that reason, you have ever hesitated to plant your weed, stop doing it because there are many tricks or methods to grow cannabis in a shorter time.

Discover some alternatives that you can apply to your plantation that you can harvest your psychoactive fruits faster.

1- Apply the SOG technique

With the Sea of Green (SOG) method, also known as Sea of Green, an efficient light can be maximized. You will obtain abundant harvests in a limited space. Moreover, you will get it in a shorter time.

This technique consists of planting many small cannabis plants, side by side, instead of a few large plants. The aim is to fill all the available space with as many pots as possible.

With this method, cannabis flowers spend less time in the vegetative phase, as flowering must be induced.

2- Growing from cuttings

Growing marijuana from cuttings or clones is not only a better choice, to preserve the genetic qualities of a plant, also implies a faster harvest.

Cuttings have a shorter growing period. You will be skipping the germination phase, which can take several days.

3- Choose fast-growing genetics

When it comes to speeding up growing, whether outdoors or indoors, the genetics of the chosen strain plays an important role.

There are cannabis strains that have been carefully bred and selected to promote faster growth and flowering.

For example, auto-flowering plants are popular precisely because of their speed; these flowers go from seed to harvest in a couple of months. Depending on the strain you choose, you can get extremely fast harvests.

4- Fertilize your plants correctly

Fertilizing your plants is the right point for growing cannabis faster. Well, you see, if your girls have a nutritional deficiency, one of the consequences that will arise is that your plants will delay their growth; therefore, they may take longer to be ready.

Generally, during the vegetative stage, you will need to supply nitrogen, while in flowering, your babies will require higher doses of phosphorus and potassium. Be sure to buy fertilizers specifically for these phases, so it will be easier to ensure that your plants get the nutrients they need.




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