Tips for growing big buds indoors

Written by on 9 January, 2021

In general, all cannagrowers wants to obtain full harvests of big buds and, who does not? Well, if you started your own plantation indoors, surely this is also your goal.

Follow with us next; we will give you some advices to grow big buds indoors.

1- Temperature and humidity

As you know, unlike outdoor growing, where the plant grows at the mercy of nature, planting indoors allows you to control certain factors such as temperature and humidity.

It is necessary that you provide your flowers with the conditions they need to develop to avoid decreasing yields. Try to keep the temperature between 70 and 80°F and humidity between 40 and 60 percent.

2- Lighting

If your plants receive a lot of light, you could get many fat and quality buds; remember that lighting plays a key role in the development of cannabis plants that is why many indoor growers invest so much in lamps.

Generally, in the vegetative stage the cycle of light must be of 18/6, whereas in bloom, 12 hours of light and 12 complete hours of darkness.

HID (high intensity discharge) lights such as MH (metal halide) and HPS (high-pressure sodium) are the lighting preferred by most indoor growers.

Be sure to choose the right lighting system for you and install it correctly to avoid making mistakes.

3- Low Stress Training (LST) to improve performance 

Instead of pruning your flowers, try a technique called low-stress training or LST, which involves bending and tying plants into a shape that they can grow more effectively.

This technique is ideal for increasing the yield. The LST allows the grower to make the most of the space and light available.

In addition, manipulating your branches into the desired shape can help you to maintain a level canopy, which also results in a harvest of good-sized buds.


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