Tips for growing autoflowering cannabis outdoors

Written by on 1 October, 2020

Growing autoflowering cannabis can bring you several advantages, one of which is that this type of marijuana is very easy to grow. It is also fast growing and its small size is perfect for users who prefer to be discreet.

Although auto-flowering strains are excellent for indoors, the truth is that outdoors they can also offer you a number of benefits, so if you have a plot or space in your garden, maybe growing auto-flowering plants is a great idea.

Keep reading this post and get some tips on how to grow your auto cannabis outdoors properly.

1- Choose the right place

To start growing your beloved marijuana plants you need to get a good place to put your plantation.

Find a place where your strains can receive enough sunlight and where your plants are not in plain sight.

2- Prepare the ground

A good soil is key successfully grow any type of cannabis. It is ideal that you offer your automatic plants a well-aerated and quality substrate that allows them to develop their roots well.

Usually, the soil contains coconut fibre, but you can add more to give the substrate more aeration. Find out more about the amount you need and other methods to get the perfect substrate.

3- Select the variety of your preference and germinate your autoflowering seeds

There are many quality autoflowering varieties on the market, choose the one you like best and is suitable for the climate of your area.

Once you have the plant that you will use it is ideal that you germinate your autoflowering seeds, as you would do with photoperiodic strains. Some growers use the method of absorbent paper or sowing them directly in the final medium. Keep in mind that it is recommended not to transplant the autoflowering cannabis.

4- Watering and fertilizers

Autoflowering marijuana, because it is a fast-growing plant, you must constantly make sure it has enough water, but avoid overwatering.

The amount and frequency of watering will depend on the needs of the plant and the climate of the area where the plantation is located.

Similarly, when it comes to fertilizers, be careful with the amounts. Make sure you use the right dose to avoid over-fertilization.

5- Fungus or plagues

Although auto-flowering cannabis plants are less prone to pests or fungus, they are not exempt. It is best to check your strains constantly for the presence of pests, and if necessary act quickly. To prevent the appearance of fungi, it is ideal to avoid excess humidity.





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