Tips for choosing the right place to grow cannabis outdoors

Written by on 15 September, 2020

If you are new to cannabis growing, but want to grow marijuana outdoors, before you rush into it, it is very important that you find out more about marijuana growing and that you need to choose the right place. There are many tips to guide you in choosing a growing site, but here are three.

To choose the growing area (outdoor) correctly, you must plan, for this, we give you these three tips:

1) Know the climatic conditions of the place

Before carrying out an outdoor growing is very important to know that are the climatic conditions of the area, where you want to make your cannabis plantation.

Whether you are going to grow in pots or directly from the ground, knowing if the growing area where you will start to plant has a fresh, cold, rainy, cloudy, hot or very humid climate, among others, will allow you to plan well and decide in time, if it is convenient to grow there or not. Remember that the varieties of cannabis need to enjoy specific conditions (as the temperature, lighting and ventilation which must be correct) to develop properly.

Knowing the type of climate of the zone of growing, among other things, will also allow you to be able to choose a strain of cannabis that is more in accordance with the climatic conditions of the place.

It tries to look for a zone in which your plants are protected of the inclemency of the time (like strong winds), of equal way, it creates plans to be able to take care of your cannabis of the same one, and to be able to foresee some situations. Keep in mind that you depend on Mother Nature and she can be unpredictable.

2) Access to basic conditions

To be able to choose the correct area to grow, you must take into account that it must have some characteristics such as easy access to a water source and sunlight, among others.

In addition, if you want to carry out the cannabis growing directly from the ground, make sure to have a good substrate, that counts on good drainage and that they are rich in nutrients.

3) Discreet location

It is much more advisable that the area in which you are going to carry out your plantation of cannabis is a discreet place; this will allow you to maintain far from the curious ones and to avoid getting in problems.


Try that the place you choose is not so far away, so you can be aware of it without too many problems, because you must be very careful that everything goes well and that pests and external agents do not invade your plants.





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