Tips for choosing a cannabis seed

Written by on 18 September, 2020

If you want to grow cannabis through seeds, but do not know how to choose one, do not worry that this time we will give you three tips so you can choose the right seeds for you and you can start planting.

1) Choose according to the type of variety

Choose the seed of cannabis according to the variety which you wish to grow (sativas, indica, hybrids, autoflowering, feminized or regular).

To make the best decision, take into account several factors such as the space you have to grow, if you are going to grow indoors or outdoors, the type of climate of the area where you are going to plant the cannabis and the medium of growing.

In the cannabis world there are more and more varieties of cannabis, and each one offers particular characteristics, these can vary in size, production, flavor, aroma, power and effects.  Choose according to your taste.

2) Buy in a reliable place

When looking for cannabis seeds it is advisable to acquire them in reliable places. Nowadays there are many seed banks that offer quality products and that enjoy good reputation, so these could be a good option.

Many growers choose to buy seeds in bulk, due to its low cost, but these are not very recommendable. Therefore, if you don’t want to be surprised later on, it is better to invest in quality seeds. Remember what they say out there: “cheap is expensive”.

3) Check your seeds

To be a little surer that you are buying quality seeds, one thing you can do is check the appearance of the seeds. Aspects such as the color of the seeds could be an indicator that you have a quality seed or not.


Find out more about how to detect the quality of cannabis seeds. We also recommend that before you buy the seeds you make sure you are getting the seed you want. Read the instructions on the packaging and ask for the information you need.




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