Tips for caring for your cannabis seedlings

Written by on 6 February, 2022

To achieve great marijuana harvests it is very important that you give your cannabis plants the proper care they need throughout their life cycle.

One of the moments in which you must pay great attention is in the stage of seedling or seedling, because the errors that are committed during this phase could harm the correct development of your strains.

Remember that the seedling phase is one of the first stages through which your marijuana plants will pass, because this initial phase, (after germination), at the time when the first pair of leaves emerge. It usually lasts between two to three weeks.

It is considered that the stage of seedling culminates when the plant develops 5 to 7 fingers per leaf. Giving way to the vegetative stage.

Tips for caring for your seedlings

1- Use the right pot:

At this stage, it is recommended to use small pots adapted to the seedlings.  As the plant grows, you should transplant it several times into larger pots. Make sure that the container you use has a good drainage system.

2- Temperature and humidity

The ideal temperature for the seedlings is approximately 20 to 25ºC. If you notice that the temperature is higher, try to move the lights away a little. One of the symptoms that will indicate that your seedlings are very hot is when you observe that they start to curve upwards.

While the relative humidity for the seedlings is advised to be between or above 70%. If there is an excess of humidity, it can cause mold to grow.

3- Types of lights

When you grow your cannabis seedlings indoors, it is recommended to use low consumption CFL lights or flowering lights, because this type of lights do not consume as much energy, also do not produce excessive heat. The lighting cycle should be 18 hours of light and 6 of darkness.


When you grow in the air to protect your seedlings from insects, it is recommended that you cover them with a dome, which you can even do yourself.

Find an empty plastic bottle, cut off the top of it and cover your seedlings. Just make sure the inside is not too wet, if it is, you can make some holes for the air to enter.


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