Tips for cannabis growing in summer

Written by on 16 August, 2020

Summer is one of the hottest seasons of the year, so the high temperatures can be a drawback for your marijuana growing, but don’t be afraid, here we are going to give you some tips so you can grow at this time, without worries.

An important recommendation is to be aware of the evolution of the weather conditions in the region where you are growing, as it could present a heat wave, and it is ideal to be aware so you can take your precautions and if so, act quickly.

If you are interested in reading more about this topic, stay with us and take note.

1- Select the right seed

The large number of varieties of marijuana that exist in the cannabis market offer you different characteristics not only in flavor and effect, but also in production and growth. There are strains that are capable of resisting high temperatures and others that are not, so choosing the right variety will save you worry.

The autoflowering strains are the ones that best acclimatize to different environmental conditions and grow fast, so think about this option when growing in high temperatures.

2- Watering and shade

In outdoor growing, when fighting high temperatures, watering can be of great help, keep your plants hydrated.

Check the substrate constantly, if it’s slightly damp, don’t water it, but if it’s dry, water carefully.

Some recommend watering with cold water so that the plant cools down from the roots to the highest parts.

Another important factor to consider when outdoor growing in these high temperatures is to provide shade for your plants at certain times of the day.

Whether you locate your plants in a place, where a tree provides shade or artificially place a tarp or cloth to cover them a bit, without leaving them completely in the dark.








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