Three golden rules for watering your marijuana plants

Written by on 20 May, 2022

As you know, cannabis plants need many factors to develop properly, one of the most indispensable is watering; therefore, doing it correctly will make the difference in your Mary growing.

Check it out and we will tell you about 3 golden rules that you can’t break. When you see your girls growing healthy and with beautiful buds you will continue to do each step correctly.

1- Do not use water that is too cold or too hot

When you get ready to water your Mary Jane, it is ideal that the water you use has the right temperature to avoid problems with your girls.

You see, water that is too cold or too hot can cause nutritional problems, that is why if you want to grow enviable harvests you must take this point into account.

Generally, growers recommend that the water temperature should be around 23ºC, however, others advise that it should be between 20 and 25ºC.

2- Water at the most suitable time of the day

When you are going to water your marijuana flowers, try not to do it at the times when the sun is most intense or at the hottest hours of the day. A great majority of growers prefer to carry out this activity early in the morning, because they assure that the plants use the available nutrients more efficiently.

Also, if you plant your Mary Jane in your grow room, it is advisable to water the plants at the beginning of the lights on period.

3- Make sure that the pH is correct

The pH plays an important role in the development of marijuana plants, this factor influences the nutrient absorption process, so, it can determine the ability of your weed to increase its size and production.

Generally, it is recommended that the pH of your watering water be in the range of 5.5 and 7.

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