Techniques for growing cannabis indoors. Which one to choose?

Written by on 12 March, 2022

When it comes to growing cannabis indoors, it is normal for cannabis growers to look for new alternatives to maximize the yields of their plantation.

Well, the truth is that starting by growing more or less productive varieties is fundamental, however, combining this with a good growing technique will really make the difference, but among so many methods, which one to choose?

Keep reading this post; we will mention some of the most popular growing techniques to help you make a decision.

1- Sea Of Green (SOG)

Also known as Sea Of Green, this technique can offer you many advantages, one of them is that it decreases the amount of time a plant spends in the vegetative stage, which translates into faster production.

SOG consists of filling the space we have with the maximum amount of small plants, which grow very close to each other. The strains are forced to flower earlier than usual and it is usually done with cuttings.

With this method, the efficiency of the light can be maximized, and the best thing is that you can obtain abundant harvests in limited spaces.

2- Low Stress Training (LST)

With the low stress, training method you will get low and productive plants, and it is not so difficult.

LST consists of bending and tying the stems and branches with a rope so that the plants grow in a certain way and in this way, they can take better advantage of the available light.

Your flowers instead of growing upwards will grow sideways, thus allowing the lower buds to receive much more light.

3- Screen of Green (ScrOG)

Also known as Screen of Green, ScrOG is a growing method in which a grid or mesh is used to train marijuana plants to grow horizontally so that all parts of the plant receive the same amount of light.

The mesh helps to contain the height of the marijuana strains and allows the grower to increase the amount of buds produced.

Which growing technique should you choose?

Well, the answer to this question really depends on you, you see, to decide on a growing technique it is very important that you evaluate your level of experience as a cannabis grower because some methods can be more difficult than others can, so more knowledge is required.

To choose any of these techniques you should also evaluate the means you have and the time you are willing to devote to your plantation, so it will be easier to ensure the success of your growing.


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