Take into account these tips and grow your own weed in hydroponics

Written by on 27 May, 2022

Hydroponics is one of the many ways to grow marijuana. With this alternative, cannabis plants can grow faster and more vigorously.

If you are planning to start your hydroponic growing, here are some tips you should take into account so that everything goes well.

1- Beware of algae

Although you may think that algae only appear in the sea, you should know that they can also appear in hydroponic growing. You have to prevent them from appearing because these organisms will compete with your marijuana for oxygen and nutrients, which can prevent your flowers from reaching their maximum development.

It is difficult to avoid algae completely, but an alternative to control the growth of algae in your hydroponic cannabis growing is to reduce exposure to light, for this, it is ideal to use opaque materials in your installation, thus preventing light from reaching the parts where these organisms usually grow.

2- Keep everything clean

Keep everything clean to avoid contamination problems, free of any pests, and properly disinfected.

Some people recommend emptying and cleaning the growing trays and water tanks every two weeks or so.

3- Check the pH of the water

You will need to check the pH of the water constantly to ensure a good growing environment. The range recommended by some growers is between 5.5-5.8 in the growth phase and 6 or 6.2 in the flowering stage of marijuana.

4- Water temperature

The water temperature can be controlled with the help of a water thermometer and modified with a water heater if the temperature is too low. It is generally recommended that this factor is between 18 to 20ºC.



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