Sulfur deficiencies in marijuana plants

Written by on 22 June, 2020

While it is true that cannabis plants do not need as much of the sulphur, this element is still essential to their development. Therefore, this time we will talk about sulphur deficiencies and the consequences for cannabis plants.

Importance of sulphur

This mineral is present in plant tissues, seeds and cellular fluid, and is very important because it plays a fundamental role in the plant’s production of proteins, hormones and vitamins such as vitamin B1.

In cannabis growing, it collaborates in the formation of enzymes, proteins, chlorophyll molecules, being relevant in photosynthesis and much more.

How to identify deficiency?

Fortunately, marijuana can give you certain signs to identify if your growing is lacking in sulfur. In these cases the plants begin to suffer from a phenomenon called chlorosis, in which the leaves turn yellow, this symptom can also occur for other reasons, but when it is a lack of sulfur, it is identified because the color change is generated from the base of the leaf to extend to the tips of the same.

Likewise, a discoloration of the inferior face of the leaves takes place, which, can get to acquire tonalities that go from pink, red and orange colors. The stems also turn purple.


Keep a balance of all nutrients, because when sulphur deficiency occurs in the flowering stage of cannabis, buds can start to die.







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