Steps to easily transplant your marijuana strains

Written by on 14 May, 2022

Transplanting marijuana is moving the plants from the place where they are rooted and replanting them in a new and of course bigger pot.

Photoperiodic cannabis plants are usually transplanted between 2 to 3 times during growing because the ideal is that the strains have enough space to grow.

You must do this process correctly and at the right time to avoid stressing your cannabis strains. Learn how to do it easily.

Steps to transplanting marijuana

1- The first step to start transplanting your weed is to water your strains a day or two before starting this process. Avoid doing it the same day you are going to relocate your plants to other pots, as ideally, the soil should be neither too dry nor too soggy.

It is worth mentioning that some people do not recommend watering one or two days before transplanting, since they say that if the substrate is a little dry, it will be more compact and will not come off the root ball when it is removed.

2- Proceed to prepare the new container, fill it with the good quality substrate, do not fill it all. And make a hole in the center large enough to place the plant.

3- Then, take the pot where the plant you are going to transplant. Place your hand on the soil so that the stem of the stock is between your fingers, and then turn the pot upside down.

4- Slide the root ball out of the pot (do it carefully), if it does not come out, you can tap the pot on the sides to loosen the soil.

5- Once finished, keep your hand under the root ball and place the plant in the new pot you prepared earlier.

Finally, fill in the holes with a little more soil, and make sure the plant is well fixed, water it, and that’s it.

There are growers that after each transplant usually use root stimulators to maximize root growth.


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