Start your marijuana growing in a small space with these 3 tips

Written by on 1 June, 2022

Do you have little space to start your marijuana growing? Well, let this factor not be an impediment to planting your Mary Jane.

You see, in small spaces you can also harvest top quality cannabis, just switch to micro growing.

Well, stay with us and take note of some tips that will surely help you a lot in your small plantation.

1- Choose the environment for the micro growing

If you have already decided to start in the world of micro marijuana growing, it is necessary that you determine the space where you are going to carry out your plantation.

The most common environments for micro growing are the cabinets, the computer tower or in a discreet box.

In any of the spaces you choose, you must guarantee your plants the necessary conditions to grow properly.

As a rule in terms of lighting, LED lights seem to be a great option since they do not get too hot.

2- Ensures good air circulation

One of the most important factors to ensure in your cannabis plantation is an adequate airflow.

A good option to obtain a healthy airflow in small plantations would be to opt for computer fans, as these are small, easy to install and silent.

Make sure that you install the ventilation system completely and do it correctly to avoid inconveniences.

3- Ideal techniques to improve your harvest

Nowadays, the cannagrowers can obtain incredible results in their harvests applying a great variety of methods.

The training techniques are usually used to limit the height or increase the production of the plants. One of the most used methods for it is the Screen of Green, known like ScrOG, in which, a mesh guides to the plants producing a more ordered growth.
This technique is perfect for small spaces because under this system you can achieve a good production in your growing, without the need to use too many plants.


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