Spend less on your electricity bill when growing cannabis with these 3 tips

Written by on 21 July, 2022

When you grow your own weed indoors you can have more control over your girls, however, this type of planting requires more expense and maintenance.

You see, in indoor you need to use artificial lighting and a series of electrical equipment so that the plants can develop without problems, therefore, more energy is consumed. The consequence? Very high electricity bills.

Well, if you want to reduce electrical costs in your grow tent, say no more and follow these 3 tips, your pocket and the planet will thank you.

1- Apply the method 12/12 from seed

Generally, when growing photodependent cannabis indoors, during the vegetative phase a lighting cycle of 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness is used, while in flowering a 12/12 lighting period is used.

Well, if you want to reduce your expenses in electric current, you can choose to apply less hours of light to your girls from the beginning of their plantation, growing them with a cycle of 12/12 from seed. With this method, you will not only save some money but you will also be able to control the growth of your plants a bit, which is beneficial if your growing space is extremely limited.

Be sure to carry out this technique correctly, remember that lighting is a fundamental factor for the successful development of your weed.

2- Grow your cannabis vertically

Every indoor cannabis grower is interested in finding a way to increase the yields of his plantation and at the same time reduce costs.

One alternative that can be very useful is to grow your cannabis vertically. This technique consists of placing the cannabis plants vertically (one on top of the other) on special shelves.

Usually the lighting is placed in the center; therefore, with the plants stacked around a central light, you can provide this component to more plants with fewer bulbs, so you will save energy.

3- Use LED lamps

A good alternative to reduce costs in your electricity bill is to use LED lamps in your growing. Many growers recommend this type of bulbs because they consume less energy than for example HPS lamps and emit less heat.

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