Somango XL: a variety with a tropical flavour and powerful buds

Written by on 23 April, 2020

Are you looking for a strain of marijuana with an exotic touch, something different to smoke a good joint, well, look no further, perhaps the variety Somango XL is the ideal partner for you. If you are interested in knowing, the qualities of this plant look at this post.

Somango XL is a predominantly Indica hybrid variety, produced by crossing two strains, the original Somango and the popular Critical 47. The result of this mix is a strain with large, powerful buds and a THC level that can exceed 18% – a marvel!

Despite its predominance of Indica, Somango XL gives you a high that leans towards the Sativa side, with a cerebral effect and a touch of physical relaxation. Ideal for users who are looking for inspiration for creative projects.

Nicknamed “the beast”, this variety has an exceptional taste and aroma that delights the senses, when you smoke or vape this strain you will notice it. It has gained popularity for its tropical fruity taste and sweet mango aroma.



You will not regret choosing this variety because it is easy to grow and adapts to both indoor and outdoor environments.

If you plant Somango XL outdoors in July, you should be harvesting in late September or early October, approximately 550-600g per plant. This strain requires little maintenance, but it is ideal if you are careful to control humidity to avoid mold.

Indoors this strain is capable of producing yields of 525-575g/m², and grows to a height of approximately 1m.

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