Smart pot, a pot for the cannabis growing

Written by on 11 November, 2020

Many cannabis growers grow their marijuana plants directly from the ground, but there are who prefer to use pots. If you prefer the latter, you should make sure you have a good container so that your plants can develop properly.

In the post we want to talk to you about the smart pots, so make yourself comfortable and continue reading this article, you will be interested.

What are smart pots?

Smart pots are containers made of a resistant and porous fabric, which come in different sizes, and have been used in the agricultural sector for quite some time. These containers can also be used to grow marijuana, in fact, it offers several advantages, and here we present you three:

1) They release heat

Controlling heat levels in the pot can be one of the challenges for marijuana growers. Traditional plastic pots tend to retain heat, which can cause some drawbacks that can affect your growing, such as encouraging the appearance of pests.

Well, in relation to this, the smart pots have an opposite effect, thanks to the material with which they are manufactured, instead of retaining heat, it is released, so the plants are less likely to suffer thermal stress.

2) Air exchange

This type of pot among other things also allows the root zone to have access to the air, which is very positive for the plants, since this allows them to keep their roots healthy. Which brings us to the next point.

3) Health of the roots

Another advantage of these pots is that they help develop a better root system. Plants grown in smart pot generally have a much larger and denser root mass, among others. Here the roots are pruned to the air, generating many of these benefits.

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