Simple steps to make marijuana cuttings

Written by on 19 August, 2022

Cuttings are practically the cloning of a mother plant. This growing alternative can really offer you many advantages, one of them being that it allows you to preserve the genetic qualities of a particular strain.

Growing from cuttings is not as complicated as it sounds, but what does it take to make marijuana clones? Here is a list of what to look for:

1- Select a healthy mother plant, in vegetative stage, from which you will extract the branches to make the cuttings.

2- Find a pair of pruning shears or a scalpel to make the cut.

3- Rooting hormones.

4- Substrate (soil, coconut fiber, expanded clay or arlite, rock wool, jiffys, etc.).

5- Choose the most suitable lights for your cuttings. CFL or flourescent lamps are generally recommended.

6- Prepare a clean and disinfected area to work in. The materials you use should also be clean. It is recommended to use gloves during the process.

7- To maintain the ideal temperature and humidity for your cuttings it is advisable to have a mini greenhouse.

Simple steps to make marijuana cuttings

1- Choose the mother plant you are going to use, it is very important that it is of high quality, remember that the characteristics of that plant will be transferred to your cuttings.

Then, with the help of scissors cut the branches at a 45º angle, just between two nodes.

Once the cuttings are cut, you will have to put them in a glass of water.

2- Prepare the substrate in which you want to reproduce the cuttings, you can choose to use soil. You will have to water the substrate lightly and then make a hole in the center.

3- Proceed to apply the rooting hormones, either gel or powder, these should be applied with a brush on the stem before planting.

Then, insert the lower part of the clone into the soil. Once you do this, one knot should be left in the substrate and at least two knots should be left on the outside.

4- Once planted, place them in the greenhouse. Place the lamps you chose under a lighting cycle of 18/6 (18 hours of lights, 6 hours of darkness) and keep the humidity at approximately 90% so that your clones will be able to root.

5- We will leave the greenhouse completely closed and we will be careful to open it once a day to ventilate. Check the state of your clones, verify that they are humid, if it is not so, it will be necessary to spray with water, if possible that it is filtered.

The first roots usually start to sprout in 1 to 3 weeks. You will begin to observe how they go through the holes in the small pots. Once rooted, they can be transplanted to the definitive medium.



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