Should I be worried if my cannabis plants have red stems?

Written by on 8 October, 2022

Keeping a constant eye on your Mary Jane plants is one of the most important steps to succeed in growing marijuana.

You see, if you carefully observe your girls over time you will notice if there are any irregular changes in them, for example, for various reasons your plants may change the hue of their leaves or stems, in some cases the latter can turn reddish when this happens, is it a sign to worry?

Well, surely that question has crossed your mind, so, keep reading this post, because this time we will talk about it.

Red stems

If you notice that the stems of your plants change to a reddish color is likely to scare you, therefore, you have to know that sometimes it is a sign to worry but in others, it is normal.

For example, this change of tone in the stems of your cannabis plants may be due to their genetics, which is no reason to worry. As you know, there is a wide variety of cannabis strains and some of them develop amazing pigmentations.

If the stems of your plants are fully exposed to direct light, either by the practice of any training technique or defoliation, it is most likely that they will turn red, in that case, you should not worry, well as long as you do not see any other symptom and the plants grow fast and healthy.

If you notice that the change of color of the stems of your girls is not due to the aspects mentioned above, probably the cause is due to nutritional deficiencies, in those cases, you should take action as soon as possible.

When the stems turn reddish or purple, the deficiency is probably phosphorus, you will also notice it if the leaves are very dry.

Sudden changes in temperature, stress, among others, can also cause alterations in the pigmentation of cannabis plants, so pay close attention to your growing environment to identify the exact cause of the change in the tone of your girls and correct it properly.


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