Seaweeds in your hydroponic cannabis growing?

Written by on 22 February, 2021

When you think of algae, the first image in your mind is probably, the sea. Did you know that these organisms could also develop in your hydroponic cannabis system?

Yes, seaweeds can make an appearance in your hydroponic growing and in the end; they can have negative consequences for your flowers. Follow us and learn more about this topic.

How seaweeds develop

For seaweeds formation to occur, certain factors such as light, water and nutrients have to coexist. As you know, these elements are also necessary for the development of your cannabis flowers. When growing in hydroponics, these factors are present, so it becomes the right environment for seaweeds to make an appearance.

What happens if seaweeds appear in your hydroponic system?

Although at first glance these organisms may seem harmless, the truth is that they don’t get along very well with cannabis.

You see, seaweeds will compete with your marijuana for oxygen and nutrients, which can prevent your flowers from reaching their maximum development. In addition, when this plant species dies and decomposes, it can cause fungus to appear. In addition, seaweeds can clog pipes, pumps and cloud the water, which will turn green.

How to control seaweeds in your hydroponic growing

As we mentioned, hydroponic growing creates an environment conducive to seaweeds growth, so it is almost impossible to avoid seaweeds completely. However, there are certain things you can do to control seaweeds.

One way to control the growth of seaweeds in your Mary Jane hydroponic grow is system is by decreasing the exposure to light, for this, it is ideal to use opaque materials in your installation, in this way you will avoid that the light reaches the parts where these organisms usually grow.


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