Save water in the marijuana growing

Written by on 31 August, 2022

Growing marijuana is an exciting activity but, in certain cases, it can have some complexities, since several elements are needed to ensure the proper development of the plant, among them is water, a resource that unfortunately is very scarce in some regions.

For this reason, as a cannabis grower it is very important that you learn how to save this vital liquid. It is not a matter of watering less than necessary, but of making better use of the water used in your Mary Jane growing. If you don’t know how, don’t worry, we’ll give you some simple tips here. So, pay attention.

1- Avoid water evaporation

One way to use water efficiently is to prevent it from evaporating. To do this, try not to water your plants at times of the day when temperatures are higher and the substrate is especially hot.

You can also choose to cover the substrate with a layer that helps prevent water evaporation. You can mix coconut fiber or perlite directly with the soil.

2- Do not use plastic pots outdoors

If you are looking for an efficient use of water, do not use plastic pots outdoors, since water consumption in these containers is usually higher than in others, due to the impact of sunlight.

We advise you to use more thermally insulating materials than plastic, such as geotextile pots.

3- Install a drip watering system

The watering system you use is very important. By using drip watering you can obtain good results and at the same time save water. This system allows you to provide the exact amount of water that your marijuana plants need for optimal growth.

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