Reasons why you should use fabric pots for planting your cannabis

Written by on 31 January, 2021

When starting your marijuana growing, you have to decide whether to plant your Mary Jane in the ground or in pots. If you opt for the latter, you should know that there are many options to choose from in the cannabis market.

Well, among so many brands and models of pots, you are probably wondering which one is better for me? Well, as you know, not all pots are the same and some types are better suited for certain purposes.

Fabric pots are an excellent choice for cannabis growers, but if you are not convinced to use this type of container; here are some reasons why you should start considering them.

Facilitates drainage

Cannabis plants need a constant supply of water to develop properly, but an excessive amount can be very harmful, which is why having a container that facilitates drainage is essential.

Closed pots do not always offer adequate drainage, so choosing a fabric pot can be very useful for this. The material they are made of allows efficient drainage at all times.

They can be reused

One of the advantages that will surely catch the attention of many cannabis growers is that these types of pots can be reused.

Yes, you can wash them and use them again in your plantation; the best thing is that they can last for many years. Unlike pots such as plastic pots, which can become brittle after several uses.

Resistant and flexible

When you need to change the pots, the ideal is to have a container that is strong enough. The fabric pots are what you are looking for, these are characterized precisely by being resistant, and if they fall, you will not have to worry about suffering any damage.

These outdoor pots can withstand various climates, and usually come with handles that offer a better grip, so you can move the pots from one place to another without inconvenience.

Aerial pruning

When you use enclosed pots, usually as the roots of your plants develop, they expand into the walls of the container, which can cause them to become entangled as a result. With fabric pots, you don’t have to worry because with fabric pots the air flows freely and prunes the roots naturally, preventing knotting.



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