Reasons why you should have a ventilation system in your cannabis growing

Written by on 3 October, 2022

In indoors cannabis growing it is essential to provide the plant with a suitable environment for its growth. Factors such as temperature, lighting, humidity, and watering (at the right levels) are very important for cannabis.

Another indispensable factor in the plantations of marijuana in interiors that cannot be left aside is the ventilation; nevertheless, unfortunately many growers tend to subtract importance to this aspect.

There are many reasons why you should make sure you have a ventilation system in your cannabis plantation. In the post we present you three, so read on.

Circulation and air exchange in the growing

The objectives of ventilation are air circulation and air exchange.

In indoor areas, it is necessary to renew the air in the growing area through an extraction and intraction system so that the Co2 levels are sufficient for the marijuana plants to develop properly. The installation of the fans is of great help because they allow distributing the air that must enter now of the intraction, which generates diverse benefits to your plants.

A grower if he wants to have a healthy and prosperous harvest must pay a lot of attention to the ventilation of the cannabis growing. These are some of the reasons:

1) It favors the breathing of the plant

By providing them with an adequate source of air, the movement of the plants will be favored, and they will breathe better, which translates into their correct development.

The movement of air within the indoor growing is essential, because it will ensure the exchange of gases.

2) Strengthens the stems

If it is provided with a source of air circulation, in a certain way, the marijuana will experience conditions similar to those of its state of nature. A gentle breeze will allow the stems to become stronger and more resilient, thus the stems will hold the weight of the buds more efficiently.

3) Helps to prevent the appearance of mold and other external agents

Likewise, ventilation causes the relative humidity to fall, which reduces the risk of pests and fungi appearing.

With a good ventilation system, you can help both to renew the air and to regulate the temperature and humidity.


It is very important to install a ventilation system according to the characteristics of your growing. To do this, you must take into account many factors such as the dimensions of the room, among others.

Before buying any device, make sure it is suitable for your growing, because in the cannabis market, there are many devices and if you do not choose well, you can make mistakes that harm your marijuana plantation.








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