Reasons to use Jiffy in marijuana growing

Written by on 23 May, 2022

Generally, as you advance in cannabis growing you are learning and trying new ways or methods to plant your weed.

Well, you’ve probably heard about the Jiffy, but do you know exactly what it is? No? Well, here we’ll tell you about it, plus we’ll mention some reasons why you should use it in your pot planting. Take a look at this post.

What is the Jiffy?

The Jiffy is a compact disc of pressed peat and soil or coconut fiber lined with a fine mesh, when moistened it increases in size, and is used both for the germination of marijuana seeds and for the rooting of cuttings.

You may find the name of this disc curious, it acquired this name because these tablets were marketed by a company called Jiffy Group.

The seed or cutting is inserted inside a deep hole formed in the upper part of the disc.

Reasons to use Jiffy in the cannabis growing (Advantages)

1- It is simple to carry out

This technique requires little effort, just submerge the Jiffy in water to soak and expand, this way you will have enough substrate to be able to bury your seed or cutting stem.

Be sure to drain the Jiffy as much as possible as the intention is to keep it moist and not soggy. It is generally recommended that the pH of the water be between 5.5 and 6.

2- Maintains humidity

One of the risks that occur when germinating is that the seeds dry out, well, the Jiffy has a high capacity to absorb water and that makes it stay moist for a long time. Remember that seeds require high humidity to germinate.

3- Facilitates transplanting

Another advantage of using Jiffy is the ease of transplanting the strain. When your seed has already germinated or your cutting begins to show the first roots, you can transplant it to a pot or to its definitive location in soil, without extracting the plant from its place (Jiffy).

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