Reasons to grow marijuana outdoors

Written by on 20 July, 2022

If you regularly grow your favorite marijuana strain when harvest time comes you will collect enough of the weed you like to get high, and if you decide to plant it outdoors, rest assured that the advantages or results you will get will be very good.

That’s right, growing marijuana outdoors can offer you excellent benefits, so if you have a garden or even a balcony at home, you can start to set up your plantation there.

One of the main advantages of outdoor growing is that the lighting is provided by the sun, so you will not usually have to invest in lamps or bulbs.

Cannabis plants grow bigger and yields are higher when they receive more hours of sunlight.

When you plant your weed outdoors directly in the ground, plants can reach maximum height because there is usually no restriction on root growth, they have more space.

If you prefer to be a discreet cannabis grower, you have the option of planting your girls outdoors in pots, since, if you grow in pots you can have more control over the growth and possible final size of the cannabis plants.

You can choose to plant auto-flowering varieties, as they are plants that do not grow so much. Thanks to the speed with which these girls grow, they can allow growers to assemble and dismantle their plantations in less time. Perfect for balcony growing.

While growing your weed outdoors can offer you advantages, it can bring you disadvantages. You see, you can’t control the weather, so there will be times of rain, strong winds, among others, and your plants may be in danger. However, if you grow them in pots, you can move them to safety.

Another problem with outdoor plants is that the vines are more vulnerable to pest and animal attacks. You will need to be vigilant.


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