Reasons to grow cannabis with natural fertilizers

Written by on 2 January, 2021

To have healthy and abundant harvests of cannabis not only requires perseverance and passion on the part of the cannagrower, then, the marijuana plants need a series of elements so that they develop suitably.

What better way to start this 2021 than planning how to carry out your new marijuana growing, but, this time you have to do things differently.

What if you start implementing the use of natural fertilizers in your growing, you are not very convinced, ok, and then we will give you some good reasons why you will surely change your mind.

1) It favors the microorganisms in the soil

The trend in agriculture is now 100% natural, and the truth is that more and more people are looking for these options because of the various benefits they offer.

Organic fertilizers have a beneficial effect on the microorganisms that inhabit the soil, which are very important because they contribute to the development of your plants. As they are made with natural substances, they are usually renewable and more respectful with the environment.

2) They keep the soil in good condition

With the use of natural fertilizers, you will be improving the quality of the soil and therefore your plants will grow healthier and healthier.

Outdoors this is very attractive as it means you can reuse the same soil again.

3) You get quality and a more natural result

As we have been telling you, this type of fertilizers are made from vegetable products that strengthen and nourish the plants, so with them, you will get tastier and quality buds.

The best thing is that by consuming these plants, both for medicinal or recreational use, you avoid consuming chemicals that are harmful to your health and you collaborate with the environment.


It is very important that you make sure you guarantee a balanced diet for your marijuana plants. Remember that these plants have different requirements according to the stage of life they are.

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