Reasons to grow autoflowering cannabis

Written by on 9 September, 2020

When you grow your own cannabis, one of the most important steps is to choose a variety of cannabis that suits your growing conditions, so you will get more satisfactory results, and of course, less inconvenience.

In the cannabis world you can choose between strains with photoperiodic or autoflowering characteristics, precisely these last ones we are going to talk to you about in this post, since this type of plants has a lot to offer.

Next, we will give you 5 reasons why you should take into account this type of cannabis at the time of initiating your plantation.

1- Great resistance

The varieties of autoflowering cannabis thanks to their genetics ruderalis are very resistant plants, so they can support the mistakes of the beginners.

In addition, these strains are tolerant to cold climates, have greater resistance to different types of diseases, pests, and mold.

2- Lighting less demanding

As it does not need a change in the light cycle to start blooming, the lighting requirement of this variety is simpler. In indoor many growers opt for 18 hours of light by 6 of darkness for the whole life cycle of the plants, this program offers you the right amount of light.

3- Earlier harvests

One of the aspects that perhaps attracts more attention from beginner and expert growers is that autoflowering varieties have a shorter life cycle than photoperiodic strains.

They are usually ready for harvest 7 to 10 weeks after germinating the seeds. This speed is the result of a short vegetative stage and a fast flowering.

4- Suitable for indoor and outdoor growing

These varieties are very easy to grow, thanks to their resistance and fast flowering they become an excellent choice for planting both indoors and outdoors.

5- Small and discreet

If you are a discreet grower, you would like to keep your plantation hidden, and then choosing this type of cannabis is perfect for you.

The varieties auto do not grow too much, they usually reach a height between 60cm to 1m. Thanks to their compact size and that they grow faster, they can allow the growers to mount and dismount their plantation in less time. They are also ideal for growing on balconies or camouflaging them with other plants in your garden.


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