Reasons for growing marijuana vertically

Written by on 6 July, 2021

It’s time to innovate in your cannabis plantation, to try new ways of planting your precious weed. Leave the old practices behind and try vertical marijuana growing.

Have you heard of it before? Probably. This type of growing consists of stacking cannabis plants vertical (one on top of the other) on special racks.

There are reasons why you should put this technique into practice; if you don’t know what they are, here we will review some of them. Once you know the advantages of vertical growing, you will want to apply it to your plantation as soon as possible.

Vertical Cannabis Growing

This innovative way of growing marijuana can bring you several benefits. One of them, for example, is that it allows you to save energy. You see, usually, in vertical growing systems, the lighting is placed in the center; therefore, you can provide this component to more plants using fewer bulbs. Your electricity bill will go down.

Another reason for doing this method is that these set-ups take up less space for growing.

By growing your weed vertically, you will be able to place more plants in smaller areas. Also, you will be able to get good yields.

It is also an easy growing system to set up. Usually, the methods you can buy on the market come practically ready to use and have everything you need.

Before deciding on this method, take into account that the installation cost can be high. It is also a form of growing that requires time because you must constantly be aware of the size of the flowers to cut them they adapt to the space they have.


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