Protect your outdoor marijuana growing with these tips

Written by on 18 May, 2022

Planting your Mary Jane outdoors has its advantages, the truth is that you can get great results, however, it also carries certain risks, you see, being your flowers outdoors, they are not exempt from suffering the onslaught of nature or being damaged by animals.

Well, to avoid inconveniences in this type of growing, here we will give you some tips that will help you keep your girls safe. Read on…

How to protect your outdoor cannabis growing

1- Protect your newly germinated seeds with a glass

For your plants to develop properly you must take care of them at every stage of their life, even from the time they are freshly germinated. An easy option to do this is to place a transparent plastic glass on them, just make a few small holes in the top of the glass, for good ventilation, and put some wires on the sides of the glass and stick them in the ground.

2- Grow in a greenhouse

Greenhouse growing combines the best of indoor and outdoor growing. Growing your plants in one of these will allow you to protect your girls from wind, bad weather, and even certain pests more effectively. It will also provide you with an organized place to work.

3- Protect your plantation from light pollution

For full flowering your plants need 12 hours of total darkness, however, when you grow outdoors, sometimes ensuring this becomes complicated because there are external factors such as street lighting, which can interfere with these periods of darkness.

If you notice that unwanted lighting is coming from the side, you can choose to place a half shade as a curtain to block the light at those times.

4- Grow discreetly

An ideal tip to protect your growing from thieves or curious neighbors is to grow your weed discreetly. One way to do this is to plant weed flowers that don’t grow too large or perform regular pruning techniques to avoid attracting attention. Just be sure to prune your plants at the most appropriate time.


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