Plant Hormones in Cannabis Growing? Find out more

Written by on 20 June, 2020

Hormones, as well as in the human body, play a fundamental role in the development of plants. In these cases, we know these substances as plant hormones or phytohormones, whose function is not only to regulate the morphology and metabolism of the plants, but also to determine the response of the latter to certain aspects of the environment. Here are the five most popular:

1) Auxins

Auxins are indispensable for plants, primarily because they act in various processes such as the formation of leaves, the development of fruits and stems, among others. One of the most researched is the indolacetic acid known as (AIA).

Marijuana growers can use these properties, as a stimulator for rooting or simply for the growth of the plant.

2) Cytokinins

Cytokinins are particularly involved in stimulating the development of adventitious roots. As well as promoting cell division and much more.

Algae, corn and coconut water are rich in this component, you can prepare a cocktail with this phytohormone and irrigation water, to stimulate plants.

3) Gibberellins

These are involved in various processes such as trichome production, root development and sexual expression. One of the most well-known gibberellins to cannabis growers is gibberellic acid (GA3).

Gibberellin can be used to twin old cannabis seeds and even in the production of feminized seeds.

4) Abscisic acid

Abscisic acid is related to the inhibition of fruit ripening, and in the rooting process, among others. Unlike the other phytohormones, this one inhibits growth, counteracting the effects of the latter.

5) Ethylene

Ethylene plays an important role in stimulating and regulating fruit ripening, germination and primarily in determining the sex of the plant. This component occurs naturally in plants and usually counteracts the effects of auxins.


The interaction between different phytohormones is important. If you are going to test with plant hormone preparations, you need to be careful about the amount you use and especially about the exact time of use.

Remember that cannabis plants go through different processes, which is why we advise you to go deeper into the subject, before applying it to your cannabis growing.

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