Perform the “Sea of Green” technique successfully with these 3 tips

Written by on 14 June, 2022

If you grow your own Mary Jane indoors, a technique that will undoubtedly help you achieve great results in your growing and in less time is the Sea of Green (SOG) method.

Surely, you have already heard about the technique that consists of filling the space we have with the maximum amount of small plants, which grow very close to each other.

This method is also perfect for growers who need to grow in small spaces, but, don’t say it and look at this post, because we will give you 3 tips for you to carry out this technique as best as possible.

1- Choose the right variety

Choosing the right strain for each technique you are going to implement in your growing is essential to achieve the expected results.

In general, the strains recommended for applying the SOG technique are indica or autoflowering cannabis flowers. This technique is also ideal to start growing from cuttings.

2- The vegetative phase should be shorter

When applying the Sea Of Green technique, the vegetative growth phase should not be too long, because it must induce flowering, so you must be attentive to this point if you want everything to be a success.

In fact, the speed of a SOG growing depends on a short vegetative cycle. Some growers recommend activating the flowering phase when 10 to 14 days have passed, while others advise to do it when the plants reach a height of approximately 25 to 30 cm.

3- Take care of your plants equally

The intention of the Sea of Green (SOG) is to ensure that the growing has a uniform growth, for this, it is very important that you pay attention to several aspects.

For example, it is ideal that you make sure that the lighting is at the right height so that the light reaches all the plants equally.

Another important element for your girls to reach a similar size and production is to give them all the same amounts of water and nutrients. Therefore, it is recommended to use drip-watering systems with fertilizers incorporated into the watering water.

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