Optimize the lighting of your indoor growing with these tips

Written by on 19 March, 2022

As you may know, cannabis plants need light to grow and develop as well as possible; therefore, if you are going to start growing your own weed at home, this factor cannot be missing.

Well, look at this post, we will give you some tips to learn how to optimize the lighting in your room or grow room. When you make the best use of light, the results are enviable.

1- Change the bulbs on time

This advice is very important to take into account. You see, all lamps have a certain duration, so at some point they will stop being as efficient as before.

It is ideal that you keep an eye on the performance of the lights in your plantation and change them at the right time. A tip that can help you is to check the bulbs every 6 months, and change them at least every 3-4 growings.

2- Use reflectors

To increase the coverage and intensity of light in your grow room, reflectors are a very good option, especially if space is limited.

You see, if you can only place a few lamps in your grow room, reflectors will direct the light to form an evenly lit area.

3- Apply the LST technique

Although with this tip you should not change lamps or add other materials to reflect the light, it is a very useful technique to take advantage of the available lighting.

The low stress training technique (LST) consists of bending and tying the stems and branches with a rope so that the plants grow in a certain way allowing the lower buds to receive much more light, and improving the production of the same.

4- Place reflective walls

Placing reflective walls in your indoor plantation is a very good way to take better advantage of the light and to distribute it efficiently. Be sure that you will notice the difference when you harvest your fruits.

Final considerations

To increase the light intensity and improve the yields in your plantation, it is recommended to place the lamps as close as possible; however, you should be careful with the increase of heat because it can have harmful consequences for your girls.




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