Mold on marijuana plants. What to do when it occurs?

Written by on 25 August, 2021

Mold is a fungus that can affect your marijuana plants at any stage of their life cycle, it can even appear during the drying and curing process of your flowers, so you must keep an eye on your weed at all times.

Mold tends to develop in marijuana plantations generally when humid and warm conditions are maintained.

As a cannabis grower, you must prevent mold from invading your growth because it could spoil your harvest. Remember that it is not recommended to consume buds with mold because it can be harmful to your health, and your flowers will usually have an unpleasant taste.

What to do when mold appears on cannabis plants?

If a marijuana plant has mold, you will most likely have to get rid of it, not only because of the possible damage to health but because it can spread its mold to neighboring plants.

If you are lucky, and the buds are not heavily infected with mold, some growers recommend cutting the damaged area. To do it is advisable to place a small bag that closes the affected area; once you get to proceed to cut that part of the plant.

Mold can be treated with fungicides. The ideal is to prevent the appearance of mold in your plantation to avoid headaches in the future.


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