Mistakes to avoid when growing marijuana with LED lights

Written by on 13 April, 2022

To get the best results when growing marijuana, your plants will have to be exposed to a lot of light; therefore, you must choose the best lighting system for your girls.

Generally, many growers use LED lights on their plantations. If your case, you are starting to grow with this type of lamp, you could make some mistakes.

Keep reading this post and discover why you should avoid growing quality marijuana with LED bulbs.

1- Watering cannabis plants too much 

HID lights emit much more heat than LED lamps. Therefore the soil tends to dry out more quickly.

Many growers forget this point, and when changing from HID lights to LEDs, they make the mistake of watering their plants in the same way.

When growing with LED you must adjust the watering schedule of your plants. You keep in mind; that as there is a heat reduction, the plants will probably need to be watered less frequently.

In case; you have doubts about how to water your flowers, some recommend letting the soil dry out and then watering again.

2- Place the lights at an inappropriate distance

Many growers make the mistake of placing their LED lights at the wrong distance, which can cause problems for their cannabis plants.

Unfortunately, there is no standard distance to place LED lamps, as it all depends on the type of LED bulb used. However, to obtain information on the recommended distance, you can be guided by the manual that these lights come with or check the manufacturer’s website.

As a general tip, some recommend placing the LED bulbs 30-45cm from the canopy, about 45cm during the vegetative phase, and a little closer during flowering.

3- Choose the wrong type of LED light

In the market, you can find a wide variety of LED lights. It is important that when buying your lamps, you are well informed about their characteristics so you can choose the most appropriate ones.

Keep in mind that there is “full-spectrum” LED lights, meaning you can use them for both the vegetative and flowering phase, but there are also LEDs designed solely for the growth phase or exclusively for the flowering stage.












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