Meet 2 ideal methods to germinate cannabis seeds

Written by on 10 October, 2020

Many people are starting to grow their own cannabis these days, if you are one of them, you would surely like to know how to germinate your marijuana seeds, as germination is the first step to start growing.

There are multitudes of methods to make your seeds germinate, from complex techniques to the simplest ones. Stay with us and we will introduce you to 2 of the most common ways to do it.

1- Use absorbent paper

This is one of the simplest and most effective methods of germinating seeds, and the materials required are very accessible and inexpensive.

To carry out this technique you will need kitchen paper, water, two plates and a sprayer.

Once you have all the materials, start by placing three pieces of the paper towel on one of the plates and spray them lightly with water. Then place the seeds on the moistened paper, leaving space between them so that when they germinate the roots do not wrap around each other.

Then take three more pieces of moistened paper and place them on top of the seeds. Then cover them with the other plate to conserve humidity and guarantee darkness. Place your plates in a warm, dark place.

Observe the process and keep the paper moist. If you notice that it dries, moisten it again, making sure that it is not too wet.

When you see that there is a root inside the paper, it is time to transplant, with great care, the sprouted seed into the pot.

You should water the soil and make a hole in the substrate or growing medium, about 1cm deep and place the seed inside, with the root pointing downwards, and cover it with some soil.

The speed of germination of the seed will depend on the strain that you have chosen for your growing. Some develop their roots in 24 hours while with others you will have to wait more days.

2- Germinate seeds in Jiffys

Jiffys are pressed peat tablets that expand when wet. They are usually used to root cuttings or to germinate seeds. You can find them in various sizes, as well as coconut fiber instead of peat.

To carry out the germination of your marijuana with a method you should start by hydrating the jiffys, leave them in a container with water for 15 minutes.

Once they have swollen with water, you must take them out and drain them a little. Then you have to make a small hole in the jiffy and introduce the seed, with the crown of it facing upwards. Then cover the hole with the same peat of the jiffy, without pressing it.

Leave the jiffy in a warm, dark place. If necessary, rehydrate it. Once the plant has developed its first two leaves, we can transplant it into the pot.


Another alternative, different from the ones mentioned above, is to make the seed develop from the first moment in the pot or soil. However, this option isn’t recommended because the seeds can become too buried, so the plants may not be able to sprout.

That is why, when this technique is applied, it is ideal to water the substrate before introducing the seed. In addition, many growers before starting with this method choose to place the seeds in water for a day, to stimulate germination.








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