Mealybugs: a pest to avoid in your cannabis growing

Written by on 31 July, 2020

Various pests such as mealybugs, which are very common, can invade cannabis plants. In this post, we are going to talk about them, so read on.

A threat

Mealybugs can affect marijuana in both indoor and outdoor growing, although they are usually found in outdoor plantations. In both cases, however, you must be very vigilant to eliminate it in time (before it ruins your growing).

It is also essential to avoid its appearance because these pests can reproduce quickly, especially if they have the necessary conditions for their development as high temperatures and a very dry environment or low water, among others.


Physically this insect can have different sizes. The truth is that there are many species of mealybugs; however, the ones you have to worry about the most are the cotton mealybugs and the brown or soft mealybugs.

Mealybugs are characterized by a kind of shield of different colors and different consistency depending on the type. In addition, in many cases it is difficult to treat them with insecticides.


As we mentioned earlier, this pest spreads easily. Male mealybugs can fly to fertilize the female, which has no wings.

This pest feeds by sticking its beak into the plant and sucking the sap, which they partly excrete as a sugary liquid or molasses. This substance can result in the appearance of fungi such as bollworms or fumigants (which can blacken the leaves and impede the plant’s photosynthesis).

Usually the first attacks of the mealybugs are made at the base of the stem, and gradually they will rise and spread throughout the cannabis. They can also hide in the buds.

By absorbing the sap, the mealybugs cause weakness in the cannabis, slowing its growth and flowering. The plant also loses vigor. It is essential to act quickly when you notice their presence in order to keep your growing healthy.

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