Manual or machine manicure. Which to choose?

Written by on 9 September, 2022

As a cannabis grower, you will know that the work in your growing does not end after the harvest, on the contrary, there are steps that you must follow, and one of them is the manicuring of your cannabis.

To manicure the cannabis consists of cutting the leaves without concentration of trichomes of the bud, with the aim of eliminating all the excessive vegetal material of the plant.

Applying this method properly will allow you to enjoy a smoother and more pleasant smoke.

To manicure the cannabis you can do it in two ways: by hand or by machine. Read on and learn the benefits and disadvantages of these techniques.

1- Manicured by hand

This is the most traditional process of carrying out the manicure of cannabis. As its name indicates, this technique consists of eliminating the leaves of each bud manually.

To perform this method you only need a pair of fine-tipped scissors, a pair of gloves to prevent the resin from sticking to your hands, a bucket for waste and a tray to place your flowers.


One of the main advantages of hand manicuring is the quality and beauty of the final product.

This method is less invasive, the buds do not lose so many trichomes, and its aspect is much more attractive, because when peeling carefully the buds by hand we get rid only of the parts that we do not need the cannabis.


The downside of this method is the amount of time you have to spend practicing it, and it can be very laborious and exhausting if you need to process many buds. It is generally recommended for personal growing.

2- Manicured by machine

To manicure your cannabis there are also specialized machines for this. In the market, you can find a great amount of models that vary in size, speed, cost and quality.

These manicuring machines are capable of peeling several kilograms of buds per hour. In addition, this is the most efficient technique to manicure your flowers.


Performing the manicure by means of a peeling machine can really save you a lot of time, since, when using these devices, the process is much faster.

In the cannabis market, you can get some high quality peeling machines that will allow you to obtain incredible results.


Some cannagrowers assure that the buds manicured to machine conserve less trichomes and resin than the flowers manicured manually.

In addition, these peeling machines can represent a rather expensive investment, because the devices of higher quality tend to have very high prices.

It is recommended not to leave the buds too long in the peeler to avoid damaging them.

Which one to choose?

The answer to this question will depend on you. We have already presented the advantages and disadvantages of each method; choose the one that best suits your needs.

Just keep in mind that the method chosen will have a considerable influence on the quality of the final product.



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