Learn how to harvest your marijuana buds step by step

Written by on 26 October, 2022

Once your plants have gone through healthy vegetative growth and vigorous flowering, finally, after waiting for weeks, it will be time to harvest your cannabis plants.

It is very important that you cut your buds properly if you still don’t know how to do it; we will tell you how you should harvest your weed.

First step

Before you start picking your flowers, you must have all the materials you are going to need.

Get some nitrile or latex gloves (powder-free), clean and sharp pruning shears, a large plastic tray or container which to place the cut branches, and a clothesline.

Gloves are essential, remember that harvesting cannabis is usually very sticky, and will prevent the resin from sticking to your hands.

Prepare your workplace and clean the tools.

Second step

Once you are sure your buds are ready, you can start cutting them.

There are several ways to harvest cannabis. Many growers choose to cut the main stem directly, while others cut branch by branch.

When you have cut the branches, gently place them in the plastic tray. You can take advantage of this time to perform a manicure (a trimming of the leaves). Although, this process can be done after drying.

Third step

After cutting the harvest, there are still several tasks to do before smoking your flowers, such as drying and curing the buds.

Generally, drying should ideally be done in a dark and ventilated room. There are several alternatives to carry out this activity; a simple way to do it is by hanging the plants (whole or divided into branches) upside down on the clothesline. Generally, the drying process takes at least 10 to 15 days.

On the other hand, curing consists of placing the dried buds in airtight jars and storing them for a certain period.

During the first weeks, it is recommended to open the jars a few minutes a day to let the air renew. This process takes about 1 month. Be sure to store your jars in a dark, dry place and you’re done.

Final Considerations

You must know when your flowers are ready to be harvested. One of the indications, that will help you recognize your bud is ready for it is that you look at the trichomes when they go from being crystalline and acquire a milky tone in its majority, and others with amber tones, it will be time to cut your buds.

Also, try to do this activity at the best time, some people recommend cutting the buds early in the morning, in those cases in which the marijuana is planted outdoors, or when the lights or lamps have just been turned on, in the case of indoor growing.

Enjoy your buds!


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