Learn about the types of marijuana seeds

Written by on 19 May, 2020

Today, the cannabis industry has grown so much, that if you are a beginner in the subject of cannabis growing, you might be a little confused about the diversity of marijuana seeds on the market.

Many cannabis seed banks have joined the adventure of experimenting and creating new strains by combining up to three varieties, but generically marijuana seeds can be classified as follows:

1) Sativa: this type of marijuana variety grows mainly in humid climates and originates from America Asia and Africa. Sativas generate a psychostimulant effect, and physically they are usually elongated and thin-leafed. Furthermore, thanks to the properties they have, they have been used for many years to make paper.

2) Indica: this type of cannabis originates from India and Pakistan, and is ideal for climates that are arid and dry. Unlike Sativa, it has a relaxing effect. In terms of morphology, they are usually small or medium sized, with wide leaves.

3) Ruderalis: of these three varieties, the ruderalis is the one with the most distinct characteristics, since it does not need periods of light to flower. With regard to its effects, these are durable and range from stimulating and euphoric.

Ruderalis are native to Liberia and Siberia and are physically very low plants. They are regularly used to make hybrids with the mixture of other varieties to obtain the so named autoflowering plants.

4) Hybrids: those that are the result of the combination of different species of marijuana.

– Some people also classify marijuana seeds in:

-Regular seeds: those that grow naturally, in this sense, are not chemically manipulated.

-Feminized seeds: those in whose production the male marijuana plants are dispensed with his seed produces only female plants.

-Autoflowering seeds: those which do not need the photoperiod to flower, and which are the result of the crossing between Indica and Sativa seeds with Cannabis Ruderalis seeds.

Auto-flowering plants do not usually contain high levels of THC, but they offer several advantages such as fast harvests and small growth, ideal for those who prefer discretion.

-According to the form in which they are presented, cannabis seeds can be categorized as: 

Packaged seeds: these are that you get from seed banks and they come packaged and sealed.

Bulk seeds: seeds which are purchase from websites without packaging and which are generally less expensive.

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