Learn about the main causes of death of cannabis seeds and seedlings

Written by on 24 May, 2020

Surely when you started your cannabis growing you took all the necessary precautions to take care of the future of your crop, however, you are not exempt that some setback may arise, that is why you must be prepared.

It’s likely that some seed or seedling has died at some point, but don’t worry, you’re not the first grower to have it happen, there are several reasons, so keep reading this post to learn how to identify them and avoid their appearance.

Death of a seed before germinating

Marijuana seeds can die even before you start growing them, this may be mainly because they were not properly preserved at the time of purchase.

Cannabis seeds require a specific humidity and temperature for preservation; it is recommendable to store them in the refrigerator as they recreate the perfect environment.

We recommend a temperature between 4º and 8º C and humidity close to 10 and 20%, in an opaque and airtight plastic container. It is ideal to keep them in the greatest possible range of darkness.

Death of cannabis seeds during germination

There are several reasons for this, the main ones being a lack or excess of humidity and inadequate temperatures.

A seed to germinate correctly needs a relatively high humidity, and with respect to the temperature it is recommended to maintain them around 20-24º.

One of the methods that you can put in practice to germinate your seeds, is to place it in paper napkins moistened inside a container with a lid.

It is also recommendable to change the napkins from time to time to prevent the seeds from being contaminated by the pathogens that appear if the napkins start to rot.

Death of the seedling

In general, the death of seedlings is due to the lack or excess of water, in addition to the so-called damping off, (term used to refer to a series of fungi that attack seeds and plants).

These fungi are formed mainly in those substrates that have excessive humidity and lack of ventilation.

Among the most common fungi are Botrytis, Phythium, Fusarium or Sclerotinia, these generate that you can find seedlings with the stem bent and lying on the substrate.

Optimal conditions ensure germination

In the first stage of life, cannabis plants are very small and have few roots so they do not require much water, an excess of this liquid at this stage will only drown the plant. Therefore, you must find a balance when watering your seedlings, because even a lack of moisture will soon cause a seed or seedling to dehydrate.


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