Learn about dry and green manicuring techniques

Written by on 28 October, 2022

There is nothing more exciting for cannabis growers than being one-step away from enjoying their buds.

Well, when you finally harvest your flowers there are still a number of tasks to accomplish in your growing, one of them is to manicure your cannabis.

When it comes to manicuring your buds you can choose whether to do it green or dry. Stay with us and find out what each method is.

What does it mean to manicure marijuana?

Manicuring cannabis consists of trimming branches, stems, and leaves without trichomes concentration of the bud, in order to remove all excess plant material from the plant.

Performing this method properly will allow you to enjoy a smoother and more pleasant smoke.

Green manicuring of cannabis

This type of manicuring consists of manicure the buds immediately after harvesting and before drying.

At that moment, the buds will be damp, so green manicuring will allow you to eliminate possible sources of mold.

In addition, with this technique the trichomes remain intact and fixed in place, so you eliminate the risk of them falling off while you are doing this process.

The only thing is that it is an extremely sticky task so it can be annoying to work with. In addition, the buds can dry out too quickly, losing their flavor.

Dry manicuring of cannabis

This type of manicuring is done after drying and before curing. With this method, the buds are less sticky.

A longer drying period is especially useful in dry climates with low humidity. In addition, this method allows you to handle the flowers without them sticking to your hands, so you can manicure them faster.

The disadvantage of dry manicuring is that the less sticky trichomes can also become more fragile, and are more prone to detach, so you may lose some of them in the process. And it also requires more space for drying.

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