Knows the importance of keeping the cannabis grow room clean

Written by on 26 May, 2020

Indoor cannabis growing offers you a number of benefits, as you can control certain environmental factors, but one of the elements you can not afford to neglect is the cleanliness of the growing room, as you will have little use for managing temperature or lighting levels, for example, if external agents appear to threaten the crop.

In this sense, the importance of the hygiene of the grow room lies in the fact that, with it, the formation of harmful fungi and the attraction of pests can be avoided. In order to keep it clean it is necessary to do a series of steps such as:

1) Cleaning before cultivate

Try to clean all the spaces in the environment before starting to cultivate. You can use a teaspoon of bleach for approximately every 3 liters of water to clean the surfaces.

2) Remove dead plant material

Make sure you do not store dead plant material, as this could also be a favourable environment for unwanted guests. Choose to prune the plants constantly and remove the remains.

3) Clean your growing equipment as well

From time to time, clean the bulbs and reflectors, because over time they begin to accumulate dust and dirt, which are also stored in the ventilation system, which can affect its operation and even cause a fire.

Also, keep the water supply clean and of course, everything that is exposed to it. Also, buy intake filters, which help filter the air that enters the room.

4) Sterilize and clean up

To eliminate fungus and other external agents, sterilization should be done regularly throughout the room and with the equipment, but be careful when using chemicals.

Another thing you must also maintain is the order, both of your pots and of all the elements you use.

Try to clean the tools you need before and after use and put them on shelves, and of course, avoid water and puddles.

5) Keep clean

Wear clean clothes and wash your hands before and after handling your plants to avoid any inconvenience.


It is also advisable to do a thorough cleaning after each harvest to remove all residues and impurities.




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