Know the causes of spiking in marijuana plants

Written by on 25 July, 2021

If you do not control the environment in which your marijuana plants grow; the problem that can arise is that your marijuana flowers spike, causes your plants to stretch vertically and become longer than desired.

This is a phenomenon that growers should avoid at all costs, as the spiking of your cannabis strains can affect the yield of your harvests, as the plants end up being too long, poor, and with weaker stems.

Spiking problems in your marijuana flowers can be due to several reasons; therefore, we will mention some of them you to be aware of.

1- Genetics

One of the main reasons why some marijuana plant’s spike can be because of the genetics of the strain.

You see, some marijuana flowers tend to stretch more than others; for example, the indica is lusher while sativas tend to lengthen more, these usually experience a high growth in flowering that can even reach up to 2 meters high; however, keep in mind that to some extent this growth is not harmful.

2- Lighting

It is a key factor. Cannabis plants that do not receive enough light tend to spike. If the lamp is too far away, the plant will grow fast to reach the bulb and thus find the light they need. However, it is not advisable to put the lights close to your girls because you can end burning the tips of your flowers.

3- Heat

The heat in the grow room can also be another factor that causes sativas to grow excessively.

Temperatures above 27ºC will push the stems to grow more and more until they reach their capacity.

Lamps that produce heat and are placed too close to the flowers will create an intolerable environment and can cause your strains to stretch as a result.




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