Keep your marijuana seeds in good condition with these tips

Written by on 11 September, 2021

When you buy your marijuana seeds for the growing season, not all of them will likely end up planted, so you will have to store any leftover seeds for the next time.

It is important to store your seeds properly so that they will germinate successfully in the future.

How to save seeds?

Preserving seeds is not a complicated task, you just have to make sure that the environmental conditions are the most suitable.

It is recommended to keep the seeds in a place where there is as much darkness as possible. It is usually advisable to use opaque and airtight jars or containers.

Seeds should be kept in a cool, dry place. To keep them in a cool place many recommend storing them in the refrigerator (preferably in the drawer where you place the vegetables).

If your intention is not to store your seeds for a long time, you can choose just to keep them in a cupboard located in a dark place in the house where the temperature is kept low and constant. This is a good idea if you plan to grow soon.

Relative humidity levels close to 10-20% and temperatures between 4º and 8º C are ideal conditions for optimal preservation of cannabis seeds.

To maintain humidity levels, some people recommend placing silica gel sachets inside the jar containing the seeds.

General advice

Try to buy your marijuana seeds from reliable sites. Also, make sure that your seeds are not crushed. Keep your hands clean when you are going to save your seeds and label the containers containing your seeds with the name of the variety you have chosen so that you can easily identify them and avoid getting confused in the future.

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