Keep pests and fungi away from your marijuana growing with these tips

Written by on 29 November, 2021

Pests and fungi are some of the worst enemies of the cannabis grower; therefore, you must avoid at all costs that they appear in your plantation.

Follow some of these tips and keep those intruders away from your growth.

1- Use potassium soap

Potassium soap is a natural product composed of water, lipids, and potassium hydroxide. This soap is very environmentally friendly, as it has no toxic compounds.

This product is used to eliminate and prevent pests and fungi in cannabis growing, such as mealybugs or red spider mites, whiteflies, aphids, thrips, and many more.

2- Maintain proper ventilation

For your marijuana to develop its full potential, factors such as ventilation must be ideal.

Without proper ventilation in your grow room, hot air will accumulate around the plants, creating a warm and humid environment conducive to the appearance of pests, fungi, and insects.

3- Associated growing

One aspect you can consider is the association of cultivations. Certain plants are ideal for repelling pests that you can use on your plantation.

Some examples of favorable growing are lavender, cilantro, basil, and mint.

4- Keep your grow room clean

Hygiene is key to success in marijuana growing. Keep in mind that the cleaner and tidier your grow room is, the less likely it is that pests, diseases, or mold will take hold of your plants.

5- Grow in a greenhouse

Greenhouse growing combines the best of indoor and outdoor growing. Growing your plants in one of them will allow you to protect your girls from wind, bad weather, and even certain pests more effectively.

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